Change Management

Change Management

chain-managment-servicesAt Grandberries our change management consultants consider a wide range of company activities that ultimately impact the customer and ensure that they are aligned to best serve that customer. We work with you to assess the changes you will need to make and help you design the structures, processes, and measurement systems your organization needs.

We can help you conduct a thorough diagnostic assessment of the organization. We analyze the readiness of the cultural environment, create communications, manage the training initiatives, and provide customer touch points that drive the customer experience. This diagnostic provides the client with a snapshot of the "current state" of the customer experience and all of the internal factors driving that experience; in turn, this insight provides a vivid picture of the organization's readiness for change.

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"Grandberries was my first choice for my training initiative. This was a financial driving project that required great attention to detail and Grandberries developed a well designed strategy that worked. It is still regarded to be the best training that we have ever delivered.”Fortune 500 Retail Client Atlanta