Our Staff

Our Staff

Our people stand apart from other consultants in the industry. We are focused on creating tangible, lasting value in everything we do. Our staff consists of well-credentialed and experienced men and women who have extensive business and industry experience; many of them have held key management positions at top firms and have earned advanced degrees in science, engineering and business.

Grandberries attracts, retains, and develops the best and brightest individuals, with knowledge, specialized experience, and professional attributes. Our employees boast a variety of backgrounds, interests, and perspectives; at GCG, we are diverse, among ourselves and with our clients. This creates a vibrant environment that inspires innovation.

lawanda 1Lawanda Hutcherson

Lawanda Hutcherson is the Vice-President of Programs for Grandberries.
Lawanda has managed numerous small and large programs for many clients and brings a wealth of client relationship management experience to GCG.
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wendy 0Wendy Baker

Wendy Baker is the Web Development Manager for Grandberries. Wendy has developed numerous websites and web programs for many clients and brings a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience to GCG.
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Our Address:
160 Klondike Street
Atlanta, GA, USA 30331
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm

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"Grandberries was my first choice for my training initiative. This was a financial driving project that required great attention to detail and Grandberries developed a well designed strategy that worked. It is still regarded to be the best training that we have ever delivered.”Fortune 500 Retail Client Atlanta